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We're Franklin County, New York and we bring together a commitment to business with the spectacular backdrop of the Adirondack Mountains region.

Located in Northern New York State on the U.S. - Canada border with easy access to the U.S. Northeast and a short drive to major Canadian centers in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, Franklin County offers the ideal cross-border location.

Benefit from a host of financial incentives, available industrial sites and buildings as well as all the technical business assistance you need to make your business expansion seamless and successful.

Come and take a closer look.  We think you'll like what you see.  We offer the great outdoors you've enjoyed, plus a great location to grow your business. 

Board Meeting Calendar

2016 Board Meetings

January 13 (Malone - IDA Offices)
February 10 (Malone - IDA Offices)
March 9 (Malone - IDA Offices)
March 22 (SPECIAL MEETING) 3 pm (Malone - IDA Offices)
April 13 (Malone - IDA Offices)
April 18 (SPECIAL MEETING) 4 pm (Malone - IDA Offices)
May 11 (Paul Smiths)
June 8 (Paul Smiths)
July 13 (Paul Smiths)
August 10 (Paul Smiths)
August 23 (SPECIAL MEETING) 4 pm (Malone - IDA Offices)
September 14 (Paul Smiths)
September 28 (SPECIAL MEETING) 3 pm (Malone - IDA Offices)
October 12 (Paul Smiths)
October 25 (SPECIAL MEETING) 3 pm (Malone - IDA Offices)
November 9 (Paul Smiths*)
December 14 (Malone - IDA Offices)

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Jericho Rise Wind Farm LLC Project

has submitted an application
for construction of a
77.7 MW Wind Farm
including 37 Gamesa 2.1 MW
wind turbine generators
covering 6,600 acres
in the towns of
Bellmont and Chateaugay
in Franklin County, New York. 

You've LIKED Franklin County, NY as a Tourism Destination... Why not LIKE us as a Business Location too? "GREAT OUTDOORS... GREAT BUSINESS!"