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2017 CDC Board and Committee Members

Board of Directors (Appointed by Franklin County Legislature)

Justus Martin, Chair
James Ellis, Vice-Chair
David Yando, Secretary
Melinda "Lindy" Ellis, Assistant Secretary
Rodrique Lauzon, Director
Sherry Langdon, Director (Appointed 4/20/17)
Karamarie Morton, Director (Appointed 3/2/17)
S. Russ Kinyon, Director (Resigned 2/28/17)
David Roach, Director (Resigned 4/1/17)

Audit and Finance Committee (Established 1/11/17)

David Yando, Chair
Rodrique Lauzon
Sherry Langdon
David Roach (Resigned 4/1/17)

Governance Committee (Established 1/11/17/Updated 3/22/17)

James Ellis, Chair
Melinda "Lindy" Ellis
Karamarie Morton