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Destination Development & Marketing Fund

The Destination Development & Marketing Fund will support and facilitate projects that contribute to the development of the tourism industry in Franklin County. Projects will target the technical development of tourism projects and support new marketing efforts and initiatives.

Upcoming application Deadlines:

November 30, 2019

December 31, 2019

JANUARY 31, 2020


  1. How much funding is available?

There is $20,000 in available funding for eligible projects. The minimum award amount is $500, the maximum award amount is $5000. There is a minimum match requirement of 50% for each award and the grant amount cannot exceed 50% of the total project cost.

  • Example 1: Your total eligible project cost is $12,000. The maximum amount you may apply for is $5000. Your match contribution will be $7,000.
  • Example 2: Your total eligible project cost is $8,500. The maximum amount you may apply for is $4,250. Your match contribution will be $4,250.

*Please note this grant is issued on a reimbursement basis so applicants will need to identify funding for the full project amount up front.


  1. How do I apply?

The application form is available online at  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed at the end of each month.  Applications must be completed as a fillable .pdf. Handwritten applications will not be accepted. Applications must be submitted via web form at

Before submitting an application, you must schedule an in-person meeting with FCLDC staff to review your project and receive approval to apply. Please see contact information below.


  1. How do I make my project competitive?

Applications will be scored on the following criteria: Project Impact, Project Quality, Alignment with Local & Regional Plans, Readiness and Budget. Applicants that demonstrate a compelling need that fulfills the goals of the program and present a transformative project will be given higher consideration. Please review program guidelines to ensure your project is align with the goals and evaluation criteria. Ask yourself, “Will this project have a direct impact on tourism in Franklin County”?


  1. Who can apply and what are eligible expenses?

Grant funds are available to for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations and municipalities.

Eligible expenses include but are not limited to: Purchase of recognized media advertising; Production costs of print and audio/visual materials; Website design/updates; Fees paid to artists, musicians, performers, special guests & speakers; Rental of event amenities (e.g. chairs, tents, tables, staging, lighting, fencing, etc.); Consultation/vendor events services (e.g. security, av, sound, lighting crews, etc.); Site expenses & services (e.g. facility fees, security, shuttle buses, etc.);

Approved supplies and materials; Purchase of equipment and/or event amenities (ex. permanent staging, fixed assets, etc.); Pre-development costs; Improve accessibility;

Acquisition or leasing of land, buildings, machinery and/or equipment; Acquisition of an existing business and/or assets; and New construction, renovation or leasehold improvements.


  1. What’s expenses are ineligible?

Ineligible expenses include but are not limited to: Alcohol & tobacco; Purchase of real estate; Repayment of debt; Food and/or beverages for consumption; Loan, finance, interest and/or tax fees;

Mini-grants or reallocation of funds to other organizations (other than approved project subcontractors); In-kind, donated, volunteer services (not reimbursable nor can they be used toward the match); any costs incurred for events held outside Franklin County; Competition prizes, prize money and monies paid to participants; Salaries, wages and/or staff time; Fringe benefits (such as health insurance, retirement benefits and other non-mandated benefits); Capital expenditures (e.g. equipment, hardware, vehicles, computers, etc.) used to maintain the operations of an organization;

Operational/overhead expenditures (e.g. rent, utilities, office supplies, etc.); and Expenses reimbursed from any other source or agency.


Your project plan may include ineligible expenses, but they will not be reimbursable.


  1. What is the schedule for funding after project is awarded?

Applications will be accepted on a rolling deadline. The grant committee will review and score projects at the beginning of each month and make a decision by the 15th of each month. Awardees will be notified shortly after. After being notified, The FCLDC will issue an award letter and grant agreement.


Once the grant agreement is executed, the awardee will have 12 months to complete the project plan and expend the funds.


  1. Who do I contact for more questions and assistance?


Applicants from Tupper Lake and Saranac Lake Regions, please contact:

Marcy Gotzmer



Applicants from the Malone Region and Northern Franklin County, please contact:

Russ Kinyon