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Our Mission

Franklin County Economic Development is comprised of 3 separate entities, all of which are committed to serving new and existing businesses and industries, and to assist with the creation and retention of quality jobs by facilitating strategic investment for the economic well being of Franklin County.

  • Industrial Development Agency 
  • Local Development Corporation
  • Civic Development Corporation

What we do

Our team of experienced economic development professionals is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of Franklin County by assisting current and potential business organizations secure a better future through location, investment and quality jobs.

Our organizations provide a broad range of financing resources such as loans, incentive programs, business counseling, bonding, payments-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT) along with tax treatment for bonds, sales and use taxes and mortgage recording tax.

We also assist with site selection and development for both commercial and industrial purposes and can offer various building sizes, including large industrial structures scattered throughout the region.  In addition, the Tupper Lake and Chateaugay Business Parks are owned and developed by the IDA, with the Chateaugay location already secured as a 'Build Now New York' shovel-ready site.

As a Public Authority, the IDA is regulated by the NYS Authorities Budget Office. This means that the IDA meets requirements for transparency and accountability as specified by law and regulation. The IDA's operating policies, meeting minutes, budgets and various reports are all accessible by clicking on the 'Reports & Policies' tab on our homepage.