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New Leaf Homes

A portion of our factory in Bombay is now home to New Leaf Homes! New Leaf Homes are modular net zero homes built right here in Northern Franklin County. 

Tim McCarthy, licensed Architect since 1997, started New Leaf NZM in 2015 with over 36 years of a diverse background of design and construction in the north country. 


New Leaf at Bombay Factory


Bombay Factory Photos

Facility Information

Sale Price:  $500,000.00
Lease Rate (9/9/15):  $.82 sq/ft or $4,158.33 per month
Building Size:  61,000 sq/ft
Lot Size: 14 acres
Designation/Zoning: There is no zoning in the Town of Bombay. NYS mandated health and building code
requirements must be met. However, this property is suited for Commercial or Industrial use.
Location: 79 County Route 1, Bombay, NY 12914