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Destination: Franklin County the Adirondack Lakes Region

We take a proactive approach to attract visitors with the hope they’ll become locals.

Destination: Franklin County

Why we love it here.

We believe that destination marketing should not end at enticing someone to visit. After all, the reasons people visit encapsulate many of the reasons people live here. In Franklin County, a drive to work means taking in the expansive natural beauty that surrounds us. A hike, paddle, or ski is never far—outdoor recreation and relaxation are just minutes from any doorstep. It starts with a visit, and then the door opens. Here, it’s possible to look up from a laptop and see a loon drifting by. It’s also possible to close that laptop and be sitting on a mountain an hour later. In Franklin County, we work where we play and love where we live.

The region’s easy access to natural beauty presents a significant opportunity to attract visitors, but it doesn’t have to end there. Understanding that the kinds of places people want to visit are the kinds of places people want to live, we proactively work to help bring visitors to that “a-ha” moment where they realize they too can enjoy Franklin County year-round. Through destination marketing that also targets everyday life in our communities, we make it easy for future residents to picture themselves here. By connecting future business owners with the tools and resources they need to make their vision a reality, we make the transition from there to here all the more seamless. Franklin County boasts a quality of life that is uncommon, and once you’re here you never want to leave.

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