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Climate and Weather

Malone GolfFranklin County allows you to enjoy the wonders of the seasons.  The weather is what you'd expect in the northeastern United States and the lazy, hazy days of summer are perfect for time at the lake, hiking one of the many mountain trails or, just relaxing at home.

Winter brings bright, crisp days and with them, the chance to get out on the cross country ski trails or, to take a challenging downhill run at Titus Mountain or Big Tupper ski resorts.  Of course, you can also sit back in the comfort of your own home, with a crackling fire in the grates and the tantalizing aroma of dinner wafting from the kitchen.

For you weather buffs, here are some interesting Franklin County Weather Facts:

August has the most precipitation, July the warmest month and January ranking the coolest month!
Tupper Lake holds the records for both the highest and lowest temperatures in the County, at 98°F (1975) and -38°F (1979)!
Saranac Lake boasts one of the delightfully frostiest spots in the land!

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Current Conditions and Forecast

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