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Saranac Lake Energize Downtown Fund

Round 2 of funding for the Saranac Lake Energize Downtown grant is now available!                     

The Saranac Lake Energize Downtown fund is now accepting applications for round 2 of the grant. The second round of funding includes the Business Adaptation Assitance category which was created to help businesses adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Business Adaption Assistance category provides funds to assist businesses with costs associated with making changes or upgrades in response to adapting to COVID-19. Eligible expenses include:

▪ Reconfiguration of existing facilities to encourage reduced density

▪ Redesign and updates for air filtering or ventilation systems 

▪ Equipment or software required to increase business capacity and efficiency in post-COVID climate, e.g. online sales, POS systems. One-time only purchases, subscription or membership fees are not eligible for reimbursement 

▪ Fixtures and equipment to partition customers, guide social distancing or provide contact-less sales opportunities 

▪ Interior and exterior improvements to support adjusted business practices, e.g. pick-up windows, outdoor seating areas 

▪ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) *(PPE is considered an incidental expense. Generally, no more than 20% of the request or $5,000, whichever is lower, can be awarded for PPE expenses).

Application deadline: Monday, January 18th, 2021

Funding table

The Saranac Lake Energize Downtown Fund - Round 1 (the Fund) provides matching grant funds to commercial and mixed-use properties in the Saranac lake DRI target area. Property owners, business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for funds for interior and exterior building improvements, site upgrades, and enhancements and commercial rent assistance. Projects should meet the goals of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative and advance the community’s vision for downtown revitalization. The Fund is administered through the Franklin County Local Development Corporation. The Village of Saranac Lake Community Development Department and Saranac Lake Local Development Corporation will assist with the administration of the Fund. Application Deadline has past: Friday February 28, 2020